Affordable on-demand air taxis are on the horizon

iPhone DemoLilium recently tested a prototype of an all-electric carbon fiber jet above Bavaria. This is an exciting milestone for the company and the transit industry. The Lilium Jet will have a 5 seat design and be capable of traveling up to 186 miles at 186mph.
With the increasing amount of traffic in cities, affordable air transport is greatly needed. It’s especially helpful for people living outside a city and want to reduce commute time. Imagine the time savings and potential going 63 miles in 15 minutes. That concept may soon become a reality.


Another use is transit to major airports. Manhattan to New York’s JFK Airport will take around 5 minutes. Currently the only similar option is taking a private hellicopter, which can be costly. The hope for Lilium is to make it affordable to the masses.

If the company’s timeline stays on track, travelers will be able to book a private air taxi much like Uber by 2025 – less than 10 years from now.

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