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Entrepreneurs, goal-seekers and small business owners: How many times have you said to yourself or others  “someday” or “later”? How many hours have you spent watching other people be successful and felt it was enough to watch those successes to fill a void of your own? Why are so many people afraid to try new […]

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TV and the rest of the media: How the wrong information shapes your opinion out of thin air and stunts personal and financial growth.

Every day, countless amounts of people consume media. They take it in and almost always believe it without cross-referencing sources. Here’s an example of how it’s so harmful. If someone has garbage information, they are left with a garbage opinion and then they inflect that opinion on others. When we are talking about online information, […]

Brand, Authenticity and Values

Authenticity, diversity, culture and hustle are all part of my core values have a huge influence on where I like to spend my time. Location is about the people and the opportunities. Just some of those reasons is why NYC speaks not only my language, but so many others. The proud, regal vibe that the […]

Consistency and currency

In business, consistency will always win, especially if you make a point to integrate current trends (or break trend to create new ones.) Being current is also quite overlooked. Many people assume if you say something once, that’s enough. The truth is that content gets buried as time goes on so by always creating new […]