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At JCD, we specialize in combining creative with technology to deliver the end result. Over the years we’ve been fine turning our process to create video, paid social campaigns and help integrate your content in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

High impact content + strategy and distribution


Jonathan Chase-Deban

creative director / producer 

Jonathan has been involved in every step of the creative process from production to motion graphics, working with Facebook Ads and IGTV. The ability to blend tech and creative has been a fundamental core competency. With the increased complexity of MarTech, he sees an opportunity to leverage his background in branded content to help agencies and in-house teams create modern campaigns.

Working Process

We focus on top-level objectives and build a strategy around what content is needed, what special formats and crops are required, and the technicalities involved in deploying the final result.

For paid channels, testing and deploying a variety of content from still to video is critical in allowing the platform algorithm to optimize for a KPI positive result. It also allows the advertiser to create the best experience for the viewer.


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basic content

$ 1700
  • HD video or photo production (up to 6 hours)
  • Footage uploaded to cloud for download

advanced content

$ 2500
  • HD video or photo production (up to 6 hours)
  • Footage uploaded to the cloud for download
  • Collaboration creating script/storyboard 
  • 2 days of video editing
  • Music and/or sound design

pro integration

$ 5000
  • Everything in ADVANCED +
  • Integrating your content with Landing Pages, Funnels and Facebook Ads
  • Free landing page build
  • 1 month marketing consulting (such as Facebook/Instagram Ads)
  • Marketing + sales pipeline integration
great value

branded content

$ 9000+
  • High-impact creative content
  • Video + still pulls for use on social media
  • Production team built to your needs
  • Customize a package that works for you


  • Customize a package that works for you

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