How to Create Marketing Solutions on Social Media


In a world where there are endless possibilities, it becomes extremely important to create solutions rather than options. The main problem is that options take too much time for someone to decide a path of action. We are already tasked to decide what we want to do on a daily basis. Furthermore people are generally slow to make a decision because of evaluation and fear of the wrong choice.

Clearly presenting solutions require data up front. Why are the solutions relevant? What is the current market? What’s working in the current space that’s executable now? What could be improved by integrating strategies of what works and what’s on the cutting edge? The problem with only relying on cutting edge is there is no history of success. It’s difficult to convince someone to move a direction that has no proven track record. It’s an easier sell if the integration of strategies expands on what already works. Changing what works or going in a different direction can make people uncomfortable because of the unknown. Culture lag has a strong root in fear of change. Fortunately with improving technologies, it becomes much faster for change to happen.

Social Media Impact

Today more than ever, change can happen faster because of social media. It provides leverage to individuals and companies looking for audience reach. Currently it’s one of the cheapest ways to get seen on a massive scale. That being said, consider this article a current evaluation which is to be continuously re-evaluated as changes are made in this space. Before this article becomes outdated, I’d recommend to act now using these concepts. Action is extremely important after the development of the initial strategy because that strategy needs to morph once it’s released into production based on it’s results.

Instagram Advantages

Instagram ads are more engaging in comparison to Facebook from a consumer’s standpoint. I have seen arguments about Facebook ads and I think it’s important to do both, but right now there is a lot less noise on the Instagram platform. Because of less noise, it increases visibility and the chance for a customer to interact with your business.

Instagram Disadvantages

Instagram allows for links but only in a user profile or with a verified account that’s linked via a Story.
This becomes less of a problem with paid ads. The ad allows a button such as learn more to link to an external site

Facebook Advantages

Facebook has a separate advantage and that is user base. There is a much larger user base on Facebook than Instagram. Another advantage is CTA of unpaid content. CTA is more easily directed because all links are active.

Facebook Disadvantages

There is however a noticeably reduced interaction level. What many business don’t realize is that their pages do not have the visibility that Instagram provides. With Instagram, hashtags steer people in the desired direction. Photos and videos immediately capture interest. Although Facebook does incorporate photos, video and hashtags, it’s still a busy space that is cluttered with information.


When it comes to advertising, It’s important to try more than one approach and determine what works best and focusing on the advantages of available platforms. What works for once business may not work for another. It is however a missed opportunity if no choice is made and focus is shifted off growth. When a company stops growing and experimenting, there will hit a point of decline because the social and economic environment will change regardless of what decision is made. It’s therefore critical to always be doing research and development and implementing new strategies alongside of the current ones.

If you have any insights on what you’ve noticed with your social media campaigns, please comment below.

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