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Get clarity with a new perspective.

Your next level of purpose and success is hidden behind a seemingly invisible barrier. We will work together to uncover that barrier so that you can keep moving forward.

entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level

You know what it’s like to ride solo. It’s not fun and it sure can be lonely. You can get stuck and who’s there to help? It can feel like your friends don’t understand what you’re doing. There’s plenty of gurus you probably follow but they aren’t accessible. Let’s get you the support you actually need, uncover your blind spots and super-charge your marketing.

those currently in corporate that want a new purpose and to make impact

You may feel unfulfilled at your current job or it’s just time for a new chapter. What’s another year of the same thing going to do for you? Locked in the box of the social norms, it’s sometimes hard to see what’s on the other side because you’ve always identified as who you are now. You may feel unqualified to do something else other than your job title. But in reality, you can learn new skills and make a much bigger impact outside the confines of the office.

coaches and experts that want to create, refine and scale a program

A program may feel like a bear to create. If you’ve built one already you’ve probably tried to reach out and post to your social network with little return. You may have tried advertising on Facebook and Instagram but it didn’t work. You feel like you’re trying to sell to non-buyers and you’re probably right. Your inner circle (friends) may be engaging with you but are most likely not going to buy. Let’s look at other approaches.

Why us?

Some of our results from this year


We are entrepreneurs that have been there
It may be challenging to admit shortcomings but at the same time, necessary to make forward progress. We’ve seen that many entrepreneurs are reluctant to look for and get help from others. There’s a tendency to want to do everything ourself (solopreneurs) and cut corners for a number of reasons. We wanted to put an end to this cycle and make a difference in other people’s business and lives. Ask yourself who is there to help you right now?

We understand that information alone is not enough 

There’s plenty of information on the web. How much time have you spent watching free videos compared to the time you’ve implemented anything? You need support and guidance along with relevant information. 

We’ve get the idea of going in circles
Get motivated, watch videos, maybe attempt something (if we get to that point), then get distracted. Does that seem to be a pattern?

Or finally breaking the pattern but feeling stuck or alone 
You’ve implemented what you watched in the video, but it doesn’t work out the way you expected. Who do you turn to to help?

This is a deep-dive program to help you get to the next level

How we will work together

If you are accepted into the program, we will be working on these high level objectives

1. Deep-dive of your current situation

2. Brainstorm strategies and tactics

3. Form a plan of action

4. Execute

5. Get market feedback

6. Stay accountable

meet the founder

Jonathan Chase-Deban

I created entreprenurs.nyc to empower entrepreneurs, those in corporate that want to start their own business, and existing experts that want help with their product or service.

We help un-lock, develop and amplify your message so you can make impact at scale.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs get to the next level of success. Expect to be involved with, learn and implement the below concepts.

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