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Entrepreneurs, goal-seekers and small business owners:

How many times have you said to yourself or others  “someday” or “later”? How many hours have you spent watching other people be successful and felt it was enough to watch those successes to fill a void of your own? Why are so many people afraid to try new approaches that may help solve underlying problems? The answer often points to fear that leads to non-action and staying safe.

Fear leads to non-action as a normal response to stay safe. We often need to resist this response in order to overcome and create opportunity.

The time is now to work on what you really want to accomplish. What makes it difficult for so many is that there is never a straight line to your personal and professional goals and on top of that, there is always social pressure to follow what other people want rather than what you want, whether it be family or friends.

Social pressure and perceived judgement from friends and family are some of the leading reasons that so many people fail to take action that maps to their own goals.

In the education system, there is always a plan and curriculum to gain general information, but almost no guidance on how to handle real-life situations. If there are samples of real-life situations such as word problems, those problems are often dated and based on fictional scenarios. Not to mention the curriculum becomes dated almost immediately as the market moves forward at an incredible rate. We are rarely taught based on the most current information.

It’s no secret that the traditional education system is misleading people into believing there is a clear path to everything. And when the real world is introduced, it creates a shocking wake-up call for almost everyone that has graduated from that system.

These issues are becoming more and more well-known and the solution many are jumping to is to be an entrepreneur. However, there is massive miss-information and deception with the perceived facade of being an entrepreneur. There especially is an over-glorified and confusing picture painted through just about every motivational social media account. The reason for the confusion stems from motivation that doesn’t map to a working solution. It’s never turn-key when you have very specific goals in a constantly changing market.

Overly motivational content often paints a false picture of what it takes to achieve results. Too many times motivation does not map to creating action.

In addition to miss-information, there is little support early on that allows people to carry out their idea through the execution stage. We rarely get to see what the actual road is really like or understand what it takes. Further, there exists a lot of self-doubt and lack of accountability in this space. Solo entrepreneurship is something that is getting more common in recent times and there is a degree of fear to get help from others. While ideas often stem from an individual, in order to grow that idea into reality it takes multiple people.

Progress is severely impacted by wanting to do things solo. This could be because of perceived weakness or fear of not being original.

Where do entrepreneurs, small businesses, and goal-seekers look for help when there is no clear path? How does one gain exposure for momentum? There is a huge amount of people that simply ignore their goals, or worse, don’t make goals in hope that somehow things change without actually doing what it takes to create that change.

Many issues of entrepreneurship are not being addressed in a way people can understand because the struggles along the way are hidden, and the information normally comes from someone who has already “made it” and that alone is tricking people into thinking its easy.

To help resolve these fundamental problems, we are building a content series and network platform using from real, dedicated people that have a passion for success. It is meant to help everyone involved and provide a space for discussion and documenting the process. The focus is on authenticity, accountability and results-driven strategies.

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