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Brand elevation + cross-platform distribution

Prepared Jan 9, 2018

Your success is also ours. We are excited to help provide strategy, direction, and elevate your brand to the next level.

Key roadblocks we’ve identified so far

Identifying your audience
Navigating marketing technology
Focusing on your craft
Developing brand creative
Integrating creative + tech
Distribution across platforms

We’ve found these points accross growing brands. Having a media partner that can provide perspective and guidance can help feeling overwhelmed and to focus on the business without getting too far in the weeds with marketing technology.



We get to know your key focus, provide suggestions and then tailor service to deliver on our findings.

Assessment of assets

We take a look at existing assets and determine how we can best leverage those elements.

Assessment of available distribution networks

We look at several platforms to determine where to focus

Adapt content to network requirements

Various platforms require specific art dimensions, formats and content requirements. This may include needing to alter the creative to pass various approval processes by 3rd parties.

Verify goals, messaging, and audience

We look back on your current goals, messaging and target audience. Ad networks such as Facebook provides audience insights that can be leveraged using a “seed” interest. We use this insights tool to pare down possible audience derivatives.


After we have everything in place, it’s time to deploy what we’ve created and begin testing and iterating.

Target Networks

Below are a sampling of possible networks to consider.

Facebook / instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are great ways for others to discover your brand. Using a pixel, this will help us begin learning who your key audience actually is.

google ads

Search and Display Google ads is intent-based advertising which means someone is actively searching for something very similar to what you can offer.


This platform allows you to distribute your work across well-known services such as Spotify and Apple Music. 

music sample 1

She's All I Want

Can appeal to large audience. Has the most plays on Soundcloud

music sample 2

Lite Work

Modern, catchy beat. Lots of engagement on Soundcloud.


Release your tracks on all the biggest streaming stores

Get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora and everywhere else that matters.

Future production opportunities

Potential Production Samples (10-15k+ budget)

Campaign Structure

A look at the stages of your campaign

*Estimates only. Does not include 3rd party billing (e.g. Landr monthly fees)


Audience Discovery + Campaign Launch
$ 2950 Foundation month
  • Our first month working together is where we build out your social campaign, test various creatives using existing content to determine your product market fit. This includes brand awareness and focus on social proof. Your audience is getting to know who you are. In later stages you will be taking this audience and pushing them to your events or products

Scaling up

Adding fuel to the fire
$ 3950 Scaling month
  • Now we've found success and results in your campaign via social proof and have a clear picture of next steps. We know what creative is working and what audience to focus on.
    We have the option of spending a bit more to get greater reach. We've also developed a good rhythm of working together and can continue that forward


Push to monetization
$ 10-15k+ Core content development
  • We're now going to be talking about content creation and pushing your audience to your monetization channels. We will assemble a team and deliver new high quality content based on what has performed well in the market

Next Steps

Let’s discuss further on a follow up call.

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