Jonathan Chase-Deban (JCD) builds brands to create customer loyalty through creative direction, production, editorial and integrated social media strategy. He believes that strong story coupled with distribution, quality content and sales followup can bring massive results.


JCD.NYC loves what makes New York City world-class. Beyond the fact that it’s the largest city by population in the United States of America, it has a rich cultural vibe hustle-mentality, grit and diversity that can’t be mistaken. This is embedded into JCD’s core values. Focusing on big-picture thinking to solve creative and business objectives, JCD forms a scalable creative solution using small, medium or larger teams. The goal is to provide authentic and value-driven content that generates positive impact.


In a changing market, it’s critical to pivot and focus on distribution channels where people have attention. JCD.NYC is constantly evaluating the current landscape to create informed content strategies. Using a blend of industry-leading creative resources and top-level strategy, JCD is able to create and deliver B2B or B2C content that resonates at scale.



Create high-quality video, photo and audio content that speaks to the core values of your brand.


Tell your story with 2D and 3D graphic design, motion graphics, and editorial. This is where all the pieces come together.

Social Media

Reach your target audience on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social platforms. Incorporate influencer marketing strategies to showcase your brand.


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