Vimeo Acquires LiveStream

Yet another live streaming option has just hit the surface.

As with any new media platform, there may be great value in becoming an early adopter because the space isn’t yet saturated. For example, it’s difficult for early YouTube channels to see the light of day simply because the content gets lost in the massive amounts of content. The new Vimeo Live may be a good solution to that issue. In addition, having a gated buy-in ensures that only serious individuals and businesses have access to the service. I see this as a way to reduce the amount of potential noise in the space.

It is important to note that this will start as a stand-alone solution without syndication until the deal with Livesteam is closed. Content will then be available on the discover page of the LiveStream platform. Until then, users can embed video for use on various platforms. Additionally, Vimeo will incorporate its OTT to branded apps for iOS, Android and media center devices.

Vimeo points to an in-house article on how to maximize engagement including using the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why, audio, CTA and consistency.

Prices (as of Sept, 27, 2017) are split into 3 main categories, billed annually. For a higher price, there is an option to pay per month without an annual commitment.

Yearly Commitment:
$ 75 Pro
$300 Business Live
$800 Custom Live

$135 Pro
$450 Business Live
The Custom Live points to a contact button for custom plans.

It will be interesting in seeing who will take advantage of the new live platform.

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